Emergent Worlds that Grow as You Play

Ineffable is a choose-your-own-adventure life-sim where the world is alive and the story never ends. You could explore the deepest dungeons, go off to school, or become mayor — but what makes Ineffable truly different is that every NPC is on a journey of their own that could include these same goals and more.

Development is ongoing, so for now, follow along on Mastodon and scroll down to explore some feature previews

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  • Interface Framework and Application UI

    Ineffable leverages a remarkably simple, lightweight, and fast UI framework as part of its mission to rely on no dependencies and maintain a small footprint.

    The application uses web-native technologies like IndexedDB, web workers, and service workers to run in a browser environment without the need for internet connectivity.

  • The Ineffable Engine

    The core engine takes massive lists of actions and determines possibility and probability of a given character choosing each one of them at any given time.

  • Archetype System

    The archetype system describes characters' personality facets which are used in tandem with the character's and world's state to make decisions.

  • BAMF System

    The BAMF system describes a character's abilities: Brawn, Anima, Mind, and Finesse. These stats are used along with character and world state to determine action outcomes.

  • Skill System

    The skill system tracks more specific abilities like cooking or gardening. These skills, like scores in the BAMF system, can change over time.

  • Relationship System

    The relationship system describes relationships between characters and other characters and organizations. These relationships factor into decision making and can change over time.

  • Journey System

    The journey system will tie together Ineffable's actions to create meaningful progression for all characters toward their goals.